Today begins a new journey. Journey, you ask?

Well, there are many blogs out there and they all have the potential to bore readers to tears. So, we’re going to try to make this blog a very fun adventure. You, my faithful readers, will journey with me post-Bureau. What have I been doing since May 1991? A lot. 

Of course, you might recall that I discussed in my memoir the idea that some Bureau folk often cautioned that there was “no life after the Bureau.” Guess what? There was, there is, a lot of life, and through my blog I hope to show each of you that the realadventure of life begins with the inward adventure, if you will. But there are many outward adventures to be sure!

A number of people have asked me whether the deleterious incidents that occurred during my time in the Bureau greatly, and adversely, affected me. My answer: yes and no. Because I went into the FBI as a relatively mature adult, 27 years of age, my personality and general outlook on life were quite established. I wasn’t looking to “find myself” through my career. However, any of us is liable to suffer disillusionment and demoralization when faced with an onslaught of counterintuitive pressures and, simply put — abuse at the hands of others. I was no exception. 

At the risk of sounding pushy, I can’t stress enough my recommendation at the outset that you read my memoir in order to better understand the trajectory of my outlook. Where I’m going has quite a bit to do with where I’ve been.

A little teaser: my next blog (November 30th) will treat you to my first adventures in the former Soviet Union. I actually went to the USSR in August 1991, returning to the United States just days before the historic coup.

Barbara Van Driel